A Doll in My Suitcase

A masked man enters the hotel room, sits and takes out his smartphone to pass the time. He quickly becomes bored but suddenly remembers he’s got something in the other room to keep him amused. He goes there and finds a suitcase. On top is some women’s clothing and sticking out of the suitcase we can see a foot . The camera follows closely as he wheels it to the center of the room, the focus staying on the underside of the hosed foot. He plays with the foot a tiny bit and then sets the suitcase on its side and opens it. Inside we find Cynthia, dressed in a women’s suit… short skirt and little jacket over a white blouse. How did she FIT in there??!! He lifts her in an OTS carry and dumps her on the sofa. The camera checks her out then moves to the other contents of the suitcase…lots of bondage gear and a pair of high heeled shoes.He sits by her on the sofa and plays with her pantyhosed feet and limp legs. He puts the high heels on her and then straps her ankles together. He next puts her legs up over the back of the couch and puts straps on her wrists and then attaches those to the ankle restraints. The camera checks her out and she wakes up. She struggles with the bonds and manages to get to her feet and stumble to the door, bent over because of the way she’s secured. She comes across the villain’s feet and looks slowly up at him. She flops over backwards and he grabs her in a chokehold. Soon her eyes roll up and she passes out, the camera lingering on her as lies in a heap on the floor. The man plays with her limp feet and legs, patting, stroking, lifting, and dropping. He unhooks her wrists from her ankles, puts her shoes back on, then lifts her OTS and carries her into the bathroom.Times passes and he carries her out in a different outfit, a cute little uniform: hot pants with a red belt and a zippered half-top. He stands her up and takes her head in his hands and makes her sway. He lifts her OTS and spins her around a few times, then removes her shoes and plays with her feet, shaking and swinging her limp body some more. We can see a leopard print bra on her as her half-top rides up on her body. He dumps her on the bed and puts her pantyhosed feet up over his shoulders, then takes her wrists and lifts and drops her. Next he puts her arms under her legs and straps them together so her tied hands hold up her limp legs. He plays with them some more before unstrapping her wrists and OTS carrying her from the room. He returns with the suitcase, only her head visible sticking out of the top. He puts on a blindfold and gag and wheels her against the wall. Finally he dumps the clothes over her head and pulls a curtain in front of her.

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