Interview With 2 Prostitutes part 4 of 10

This clip is an interview / catch-up with 2 women that have done clips in the past. One is Laya and the other is Jasmine. Laya is a former employee who has moved away and now works as a Nanny. Jasmin is her friend and had done one clip a couple years ago. They are both Pay to Play kind of women but just on an occasional basis when they run short of cash. Amateur prostitutes are my favorite kind because they are not as hardened and time conscious as their professional sisters. These two are very compliant and will do anything theyre told to do with a willing and cheerful attitude. Around here Laya has been fucked so many times that the Shine has worn off and she serves a primary purpose now as a procurer of talent and a Fluffer but Jasmine is a different story. Her body is amazing and her tits are right out of a dream. Theyre stretched to the bursting point with milk and when shes aroused it just squirts out of her. And her pussy is like a milking machine. It massages your cock even when shes not moving. The full video is about 50 minutes long. Part 4 of 10 parts is the girls playing with themselves and each other.

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