My Lost Shoe

Lucy is looking in the mirror, getting ready for a night out. Her hair is in a cute ponytail and she wears a little blouse and tight jean shorts over panyhose. Unfortunately, she left the hotel door ajar and a villain sneaks in and hides behind a large chair. Back in the bathroom she puts on one of her high heeled shoes but suddenly her cell phone rings. She rushes out with only one shoe on and gets the phone. It’s a text and she plops in the big chair to respond. She crosses her legs and playfully kicks her shoeless foot. She finishes and gets up but the villain hits her on the head with a blackjack, knocking her out instantly. She flops back down on the chair. The camera checks her out and then the villain lifts her in an over the shoulder carry. She hangs limply, her ponytail and arms swinging to and fro as he Carry fans, she is nice and limp and she’s up there on his shoulder for a long time. Finally he pats her ass a couple times and dumps her back on the chair. He sits on the floor between her legs, draping them over his shoulders. He plays with her feet, removing the other shoe. He tosses this behind another chair and leaves the room. She comes to and gets up, confused. She finds the shoe but he karate chops her and she collapses over the top of the chair, butt in the air. He lifts up her legs and strips off her jean shorts, revealing some black underwear with polkadots under the hose. He massages her butt for a moment then stands her up and lifts her in another OTS. This one is shorter ans he pats her ass and dumps her back on the original chair. He leaves and she wakes again. She gets up and finds her shorts and a shoe and is starting to leave when he jumps her with a drug soaked cloth. She struggles but can’t fight it and passes out. She sags in his arms as he holds her up from behind and lifts her in a sexy carry, her head, shoulders, and arms danging BACK over his shoulder, while he holds her by her thighs. He dumps her faceup on the bed, shakes her limp arms, then removes her bluse, revealing a black polkadot bra. Next he strips off her hose, lifting her over his shoulder to get them all the way off. He then OTS carries her some more while he tracks down both her shoes. Finally, he dumps her on the first chair and plays with her a bit before leaving. She awakens one last time and it seems like she is going to leave and get away but at the last second he appears and swings a blackjack toward her head. The movie ends before the knockout.

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